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  Season 17: Episode 17

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April 11th, 1992

Sharon Stone

Pearl Jam


Lorne Michaels

Tom Davis

Jim Downey

Warren Hutcherson

Robert Smigel

Terry Turner

Fred Wolf

Jon Lovitz
Wayne’s WorldSummary: Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) cast their picks for the Best & Worst moments at this year’s Oscars ceremony.

Recurring Characters: Wayne Campbell, Garth Algar.


Sharon Stone’s MonologueSummary: Dressed in her “Basic Instinct” garb, Sharon Stone sits on a chair at Home Base as men throughout the studio eagerly wait for an illicit peek under her dress.


Jiffy Pop AirbagSummary: Now you can enjoy a delicious snack while you wait for the ambulance to arrive at the scene of your next accident.

Note: Repeat from 02/15/92.

Hitting on WomenSummary: Two grown men (Chris Farley, Adam Sandler) can’t form the words to ask out an attractive woman (Sharon Stone) at a bar.

Sex GamesSummary: Dan (Kevin Nealon) doesn’t quite get the hang of participating in a sexual fantasy with his wife (Sharon Stone).


Flippy, The Flipping ChihuahuaSummary: Flippy, The Flipping Chihuahua is run over by Toonces the Driving Cat.

Recurring Characters: Toonces the Driving Cat.

Lung BrushSummary: Don’t stop smoking – clean your lungs instead.

Note: Repeat from 11/02/91.

Pat’s InterrogationSummary: Though androgynous Pat (Julia Sweeney) endures a “Basic Instinct” interrogation process, the mysterious gender isn’t revealed.

Recurring Characters: Pat.


Pearl Jam performs “Alive”Also Performed: 93q, 05p.

Weekend Update with Kevin NealonSummary: Rob Schneider’s commentary on the environment reveals the answers he was given while conducting a door-to-door poll. Queen Shenequa (Ellen Cleghorne) declares that she won’t be paying her taxes this year because she’s a black woman. Victoria Jackson’s commentary about the Democratic Party is sidetracked so can sing “I Love A Cop.”

Airport Security CheckSummary: Suspecting an attractive woman (Sharon Stone) of being a terrorist, male security officers (Kevin Nealon, Dana Carvey, Rob Schneider) fake alarm notices and make her remove articles of clothing.

Ernie’sSummary: Ernie (Chris Rock) insults his wife (Ellen Cleghorne) with ridiculously long descriptions.


Tayster’s Choice Spermicidal Jelly ISummary: A man’s (Dana Carvey) neighbor (Sharon Stone) bcomes to his door to borrow the product.


Phil Hartman CreationsSummary: Phil Hartman shows off some of the wigs he’s worn on SNL over the years.


Tayster’s Choice Spermicidal Jelly IISummary: A man’s (Dana Carvey) neighbor (Sharon Stone) returns the product to his apartment while he’s entertaining another woman (Julia Sweeney).


Pearl Jam performs “Porch”

The Porno CoupleSummary: A man (Phil Hartman) and his fiancee (Sharon Stone) admit that the real nature of their lives involves excessive amounts of pornography.

Tayster’s Choice Spermicidal Jelly IIISummary: A man (Dana Carvey) again meets his neighbor (Sharon Stone) at her sister’s (Victoria Jackson) apartment.



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