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  Season 17: Episode 18

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April 18th, 1992

Jerry Seinfeld

Annie Lennox


Clinton-Brown DebateSummary: Jerry Brown (Dana Carvey) and Bill Clinton (Phil Hartman) compromise on what topics they will not bring up during their debate.

Recurring Characters: Jerry Brown, Bill Clinton, Paul Tsongas.


Jerry Seinfeld’s MonologueSummary:

Also Hosted: 99a.

Stand-Up And WinSummary: Observational comic Bobby Wheat (Jerry Seinfeld) quizzes fellow comics on categories that deal with the mundane banalities of life.


Make You ThinkSummary: Mr. Thompson (Jerry Seinfeld) tries in vain to teach his History class students about World War 2, even though their minds are permanently elsewhere.


Annie Lennox performs “Why”Also Performed: 94o.

Weekend Update with Kevin NealonRecurring Characters: Opera Man.

Elijah The ProphetSummary: Elijah the Prophet (Jerry Seinfeld) appears at a Jewish family Passover meal, and proceeds to insult them in an arrogant manner.

Recurring Characters: Jesus.

Lank Thompson: I’m A Handsome Black ManSummary: Lank Thompson (Mike Myers) extend his Handsome course to include the Black man (Tim Meadows).

Recurring Characters: Lank Thompson.


PosturesSummary: Employees assume odd postures molded by their permanent positions within the office.


Annie Lennox performs “Legend In My Living Room”

I’m Chillin’Recurring Characters: Onski, B Fats.

The Lenny Wise ShowSummary: Radio talk show host Lenny Wise (Phil Hartman) welcomes Superman (Jerry Seinfeld) to the show, and listeners have less than kind words to say to the Man of Steel.

Recurring Characters: Superman.



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