SNL Transcripts: Tim Robbins: 10/03/92

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October 3rd, 1992

Tim Robbins

Sinead O’Connor

Susan Sarandon

Sinead O’Connor, “Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home”

  • A Message From Ross Perot

    Recurring Characters: Ross Perot.

  • Tim Robbins’ Monologue

  • Caracci’s Pizza

  • Founding Fathers

  • Deep Thoughts

    Brain damaged scientist.

  • Cooking with Dennis Miller

    Recurring Characters: Dennis Miller.

  • That’s Not Yogurt

  • Sunday Morning Videos

  • Sinead O’Connor performs “Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home”

  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

  • Bob Roberts

  • Larry King Live

    Recurring Characters: Larry King.

  • Tori

  • Sinead O’Connor performs “War”

  • Sweet Jimmy, the World’s Nicest Pimp

  • Daily Affirmation

    Recurring Characters: Stuart Smalley.

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