SNL Transcripts: Joe Pesci: 10/10/92

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October 10th, 1992

Joe Pesci

Spin Doctors

Robert DeNiro

Martin Scorsese

Spin Doctors, “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”

  • Debate ’92

    Recurring Characters: President George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot.

  • Joe Pesci’s Monologue

  • Green & Fazio I

  • Bensonhurst Dating Game

  • Pinky Ring

  • Green & Fazio II

  • Spin Doctors perform “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”

  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

    Recurring Characters: Cajunman.

  • Single White Person

    Recurring Characters: Pat.

  • Crooks Watch The News

  • Bullies

  • Spin Doctors perform “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”

  • Zoraida Confronts Pesci

    Recurring Characters: Zoraida.

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