SNL Transcripts: Miranda Richardson: 03/20/93

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  Season 18: Episode 16

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March 20th, 1993

Miranda Richardson

Soul Asylum


Stephen Rea

Joe Dicso

Marv Albert
The Crying GameRecurring Characters: Pat.


Miranda Richardson’s Monologue

Green & Fazio INote: Repeat from 10/10/92.

The Rain PeopleRecurring Characters: Whoopi Goldberg, Michael J. Fox.


Daniel’s Bad NewsRecurring Characters: Adolph Hitler.

Green & Fazio IINote: Repeat from 10/10/92.

Eager & JonesTranscript

Soul Asylum performs “Somebody to Shove”

Weekend Update with Kevin NealonNote: Rob Schneider calls attention a faulty cue card when he realizes the line he read makes no sense.

MTV Spring Break U.K. ’93

Russell Simmons’ Def Magic Show JamAnnouncer: Obscenity-laced magic acts for the urban audience.


Soul Asylum performs “Black Gold”

Deep ThoughtsTranscript

Dieter’s DreamRecurring Characters: Dieter, Susan the She-Male.

Jack McManus Bar


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