SNL Transcripts: Miranda Richardson: 03/20/93: Russell Simmons’ Def Magic Show Jam

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 18: Episode 16

92n: Bill Murray / Sting

Russell Simmons’ Def Magic Show Jam

Rabbit Magician….Chris Rock
Saw Magician….Tim Meadows
Assistant….Ellen Cleghorne

Announcer: Yo’! Whassup?! Stay tuned after Russell Simmons’s Def Comedy Jam for Russell Simmons’s Def Magic Show Jam!

[A guy in an loud urban ghetto costume is at the Apollo Theater in Harlem performing his magic act to a large black audience]

Rabbit Magician: Yeah, you muthafuckas don’t think I got a muthafuckin’ rabbit in this hat! Right?! I know you muthafucka’s don’t think I got a muthafuckin’ rabbit in this hat! Right?! You niggas want to see a muthafuckin’ rabbit? Cause as soon as I pull out this muthafuckin’ rabbit, ya’ll can kiss my muthafuckin’ ass! [black audience laugh hysterically, pump their fists up, jump from the seats] Now, here we go! Abraca–muthafuckin’–dabra! [pulls out a rabbit from the hat] See, I told ya’! I told ya’! I told y’all I had a muthafuckin’ rabbit! [black audience jump up and down laughing like crazy] That’s right!

Announcer: Moses Malone says: “That is some fucked up magic show!”

[A black magician with a saw on his hand and a red cape orders his assistant to get in the box he’ll be sawing her in half in.]

Saw Magician: Get in the muthafuckin’ box bitch!

Assistant: You get in the muthafuckin’ box!

Saw Magician: Hey, don’t fuck with me bitch!

Assistant: All right. But if you cut me, I’m gonna fuck you up!

Saw Magician: Shit, I cut your fat ass in half and keep the half with the pussy cause the other half talks too muthafuckin’ much!

[Black audience roars with laughter, they jump, cackle, scream, pump their fists] [Saw Magician chases his assistant around the sawing box]

Announcer: Russell Simmon’s Def Magic Show Jam! Coming up on muthafuckin’ HBO! Boy-y-y-y-y!!!!


Submitted by: Waldo San Miguel

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