SNL Transcripts: Christina Applegate: 05/08/93: Nerf Crotch Bat

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 18: Episode 19

92s: Christina Applegate / Midnight Oil

Nerf Crotch Bat

Kid #1…..Chris Farley
Kid #2…..Rob Schneider

[ two kids dressed in neon-style clothing stare into the camera ]

Kid #1: More power!

Kid #2: More fun!

Kid #1: More trouble!

[ they slam Nerf Crotchbat into each other’s crotches ]

Together: Nerf Crotchbat!

[ show scores of kids hitting each other in the crotch with Nerf Crotchbat ]

Jingle: “It’s a crotch surprise, it’ll give you a kick!
Nerf! Nerf! Nerf! Nerf! Nerf Crotchbat!”

Announcer: Nerf Croctchbat. With 6 different hot neon crotch colors and styles.

Jingle: “When it comes to Nerf, you will know the difference
as you hit the turf!

Nerf! Nerf! Nerf! Nerf! Nerf Crotchbat!”

Announcer: Fun for kids. Fun for adults. Fun for the whole family. Nerf Crocthbat.

[ Parents join in the fun of smacking one another in the crotch ]

Nerf Crotchbat. For high-swinging crotchbattin’ action, Nerf Crotchbat, or it’s nothing.

Together: Nerf Crotchbat!

Announcer: Now available in stores – Nerf Crotch Missile.

[ kid steps on pedal, sending Crotch Missile flying at second kid’s crotch ]

And Nerf Nerf. Not for use with crotch.

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