Crystal Gravy

Crystal Gravy

Man…..Kevin Nealon
Woman…..Julia Sweeney

[ open on far shot of Planet Earth, with SUPER: Let’s Be Clear ]

Announcer: Earth wasn’t created in seven days.

[ show waterfall, with SUPER: Clearly Natural Is Best ]

There are some things man will never improve on.

[ show man and woman jogging, with SUPER: SPEAK OUT ]

Don’t take what you’re given.

[ show canyon exploding, with SUPER: Clearly We Can ]

Why can’t we be cleaner?

[ show time-lapse footage of roses blooming, with SUPER: Na-tu-ral:(adj) of or relating to nature – Natural ]

We’re hungry for something different.

[ SUPER: DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET ] [ Music Intro: “Right Now”, Van Halen ] [ show clear gravy pouring, with SUPER: Why Can’t You See Anything? Let’s Make This Crystal Clear ] [ show bottle of Crystal Gravy ] [ Crystal Gravy is poured over meat and potatoes, with SUPER: “Clear + Gravy = Clear Gravy – I Don’t See Any Lumps ] [ show pot of gravy turn clear, with SUPER: Just Like Mom Used To Make – Clearly ] [ show Man wash his face with it, with SUPER: You Can See Through It ] [ show Woman dip chicken leg in her Crystal Gravy, with SUPER: Someone Just Got A Taste Of The Future ] [ SUPER: Lighter, Cleaner, More Transparent ] [ SUPER: Finally You Can See Your Meat ]

Crystal Gravy. You’ve never seen a gravy like this.

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