A Message from Michael Eisner


A Message from Michael Eisner

Michael Eisner…..Phil Hartman

Michael Eisner: Hi, I’m Michael Eisner, speaking to you from the Magic Kingdom here in Orlando. You know, for the last few months, Florida has been victim to a terrible tragedy: the horrific murder of nine foreign tourists in Southern Florida. We here in Northern Florida express our sympathies.. to the families of those murdered hundreds of miles away.. in Miami, the capitol of Southern Florida.

You see, many people forget that, for all intents and purposes.. Florida is really two states! Northern Florida.. and Southern Florida. Uniquely different in geography and sociology.. each with its own very different tradition of hospitality to visitors. And that’s not surprising. You see.. Miami’s way down here. [ indicates location on map ] But the Magic Kingdom is waaaaaaaaaaaaay up here! [ points to a position on the map that’s not really that much higher than Miami ] That’s why we have our own airport, with flights serving every major city in the country and in the world.

[ speaks German until.. ] Mickey Mouse! Space Mountain!

So, when it comes to planning your family vacation.. this year, make it Northern Florida! And be our guest!

Oh.. and to our German friends.. Mickey says.. Guttentag!

[ “When You Wish Upon A Star” instrumental plays out to fade ]

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Author: Don Roy King

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