SNL Transcripts: Jeff Goldblum: 10/09/93


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October 9th, 1993

Jeff Goldblum


Laura Dern

  • Rock For Michael

    Musical artists sing to protest Michael Jordan retirement.

  • Jeff Goldblum’s Monologue

    Audience members think the action in “Jurassic Park” was real.

  • Nerf Crotchbats

    (Repeat) See: 05/08/93.

  • Subway Guitarist

    Subway rider (Goldblum) thinks guitarist’s (Rob Schnieder) songs are about him.

  • The Wave

    Baseball fan (Goldblum) is angry when others don’t appreciate his wave.

  • Aerosmith performs “Cryin'”

  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

    Ellen Cleghorne.

    Norm MacDonald doesn’t like idea of being anal-raped in prison.

  • Dance Club

    Joe (Goldblum) is made fun of for dancing like an idiot in a club.

  • Karl’s Video Store

    Goldblum rents movies from obnoxious video store owner Karl (David Spade).

    Recurring Characters: Karl.

  • Canteen Boy

    Canteen Boy (Adam Sandler) is teased at neighborhood garage sale.

    Recurring Characters: Canteen Boy.

  • Aerosmith performs “Sweet Emotion”

  • Christopher Walken’s Celebrity Psychic Friends Network

    Walken (Jay Mohr) and other celebrities wait impatiently to receive calls.

    Recurring Characters: Christopher Walken.

  • History’s Great Over-Thinkers

    Talk show host (Goldblum) overthinks presentation of historical panel.

  • Goodnights

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