McIntosh Post-It Notes

McIntosh Post-It Notes

[ open with jazz music ]

Announcer: In 1991, McIntosh introduced the Powerbook computer.

In 1993, McIntosh made the notepad obsolete, with the Newton Message Pad.

What’s next? McIntosh Post-It Notes. The Post-it Note you’ve been waiting for.

You write on it – it converts your handwriting to type.

You stick it up, and throw it away.

[ a demonstration is presented, via a football coach posting a message for his team on the blackboard ]

The practicality of a Post-It Note.. with the power of a McIntosh.

Just turn it on….. and post it.

Versatile.. intelligent.. sticky.

[ a Post-It Note message is used to demonstrate spell checker ]

Mc Post-It Notes are user-friendly.

Spell Checker.

[ a doctor posts a Post-It Note to a set of X-rays, and uses the cut-and-paste feature ]


Put the future in the palm of your hand. McIntosh Post-It-Notes.The Post-It-Note for the rest of us. Now available in color.

[ fade ]

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