SNL Transcripts: Rosie O’Donnell: 11/13/93

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  Season 19: Episode 6

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November 13th, 1993

Rosie O’Donnell

James Taylor


Dave Attell

Tom Davis

Fred Wolf

Casey Kasem

Cheryl Hardwick

Tom Schiller

Bernie Friedman
The Packwood DiariesSummary: Sen. Bob Packwood (Phil Hartman) reflects on the women he’s harrassed that day.



Rosie O’Donnell’s MonologueSummary: Audience members confuse Rosie O’Donnell with other heavyset actresses.

Also Hosted: 96i.


Frank Sinatra: DuetsSummary: Frank Sinatra (Phil Hartman) rushes through Duets sessions with musical artists below his ilk.

Recurring Characters: Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Meat Loaf, Liza Minnelli, Wynonna Judd, Kenny G., Tom Petty, Natalie Merchant, k.d. Lang, Bono.


Mexican StereotypeSummary: A Mexican stereotype (Rob Schneider) expresses his excitement for NAFTA.

Daily AffirmationSummary: Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) discusses marital woes with John (Mike Myers) and Lorena Bobbitt (Rosie O’Donnell).

Recurring Characters: Stuart smalley, John Bobbitt.


Phil Hartman’s Real ViewsSummary: In response to the Mexican stereotype (Rob Schneider), Phil Hartman announces that he wants to stick it back to Mexico.

James Taylor performs “Memphis” & “Slap Leather”Also Performed: 76a, 78r, 79n, 87ia, 91i.

Weekend Update with Kevin NealonRecurring Characters: Opera Man.


Forgetful WaiterSummary: An inept waiter (Kevin Nealon) is unable to memorize diners’ (Phil Hartman, Rosie O’Donnnell) orders.

The Tomboy & The SissySummary: Theresa the tomboy (Rosie O’Donnell) and Spencer the sissy (David Spade) form an unlikely alliance by helping one another with football and make-up woes.

James Taylor performs “Secret O’ Life”

The Malibu FiresSummary: Dick Clark’s receptionist (David Spade) keeps celebrities away from their fire-damaged homes.

Recurring Characters: Dick Clark’s receptionist, Sean Penn, Charlton Heston.

Schiller’s ReelSummary: In Tom Schiller’s short film “Will Work For Food”, a tramp (Norm MacDonald) performs menial tasks for his employer (Tom Schiller) to earn food for his old man (Bernie Friedman).


HomegirlsSummary: Prep school girls (Julia Sweeney, Sarah Silverman) invite tough-talking homegirls (Rosie O’Donnell, Elen Cleghorne, Melanie Hutsell) to their party.


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