SNL Transcripts: Nicole Kidman: 11/20/93

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November 20th, 1993

Nicole Kidman

Stone Temple Pilots

Dana Carvey

Christina Ricci

Jimmy Workman

Junior Brown

Stone Temple Pilots, “Creep”

  • Wayne’s World

    Recurring Characters: Wayne Campbell, Garth Algar.

  • Nicole Kidman’s Monologue

  • The Denise Show

    Recurring Characters: Brian.

  • Phillip the Hyper-Hypo

    Recurring Characters: Phillip.

  • Stone Temple Pilots performs “Creep”

  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

    Recurring Characters: Ike Turner.

  • Sprockets

    Recurring Characters: Dieter, Susan the She-Male.

  • Married Woman in Bar

  • A Message from Ross Perot

    Recurring Characters: Ross Perot.

  • Kitchen Arguments

  • Stone Temple Pilots performs “Naked Sunday”

  • Crystal Gravy

    (Repeat) See: 10/02/93.

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