Infiniti Q45 Toilet I

Infiniti Q45 Toilet I

Jonathan Pryce…..Mike Myers

Jonathan Pryce: [ taps on screen with marker ] Can I borrow your TV screen.

This is how waste exits a conventional toilet bowl.

[ draws downward curlicues on left side of screen ]

And this is how waste exits the new Infiniti Q-45 Toilet.

[ draws straight downward line on right side of screen ] [ Jonathan walks up to a sleekly-designed toilet ]

Thanks to a revolutionary design advance known as Hyperflush, the entire process takes 0.8 seconds. How? [ laughs ] I could give you a practical demonstration, but I’d have to mess up your screen a lot.

Buy or lease an Infiniti Q-45 Toilet from an Infiniti dealer today.

[ SUPER: “Infiniti. Everything that’s possible in a toilet.” ] [ fade ]

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