SNL Transcripts: Charlton Heston: 12/04/93: Infiniti Q45 Toilet II

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  Season 19: Episode 8

93h: Charlton Heston / Paul Westerberg

Infiniti Q45 Toilet II

Jonathan Pryce…..Mike Myers

Jonathan Pryce: This is the new Infiniti Q45 Toilet.

[ dons a pair of plastic safety glasses ]

Now pretend this [ pulls out rubber dart gun ] is poopy

[ Shoots dart at black, sleek looking toilet, which sticks momentarily and falls to the ground ]

Peepee [ shoots dart ] doody [ shoots dart ] caca [ shoots dart ] [ mutiple darts shot, all ultimately falling off ]

Infiniti developed a revolutionary non-stick finish which resists these hazards. [ shoots dart ]

I can’t explain the process [ removes glasses ], but they’ll be happy to at your Infiniti toilet showroom.

[ looks into camera with left eyebrow comically arched ]

Oh…tell them you already know the part about the caca.

[ SUPER: “Infiniti. Everything that’s possible in a toilet.” ] [ fade ]

Submitted by: David Thompson

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