SNL Transcripts: Charlton Heston: 12/04/93: Infiniti Q45 Toilet III

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  Season 19: Episode 8

93h: Charlton Heston / Paul Westerberg

Infiniti Q45 Toilet III

Jonathan Pryce…..Mike Myers

[ walks up to sleek black toilet in a black suit with black turtleneck sweater, holding a silver coffee mug ]

Jonathan Pryce: This is the new Infiniti Q45 Toilet.

And this is the seat on the Q. It goes both up, and down.

[ close-up on toilet with Pryce demonstrating up/down action ] [ shot of Pryce sitting on toilet with coffee mug ]

Now if they put that much thought into the seat,

[ pushes infiniti logo on front of toilet, extending a cupholder which he places his mug into ]

imagine the other thoughtful extremes they went to.

[ SUPER: “Infiniti. Everything that’s possible in a toilet.” ]

Visit your Infiniti toilet showroom.

[ shot of Pryce walking away from toilet, coffee mug still in cupholder, pauses and turns towards camera ]

Oh, and tell them you already know the part about the caca.

[ turns right and walks off screen ] [ fade ]

Submitted by: David Thompson

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