Dr. Jack Kevorkian


Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Dr. Jack Kevorkian … Norm MacDonald

[Bespectacled, gray-haired Dr. Jack Kevorkian, wearinga white lab coat, sits in an easy chair next to anapparatus that resembles his famous Suicide Machineand soberly addresses the camera with his slightMichigan accent.]

Dr. Jack Kevorkian: Well, the holidays are uponus again and that can mean only one thing — adramatic increase in suicides. [sudden grin] Hi! I’mDr. Jack Kevorkian! [SUPER: DR. JACK KEVORKIAN,applause] You know, after I introduced my SuicideMachine two years ago, I got a flood of lettersthanking me. But I also received letters like thefollowing.

[picks up a letter, unfolds it, and reads aloud] “Hey,Dr. Kevorkian, your machine is great for people withpainful terminal illness. [looks up from letter, grinsinto the camera for a moment, then continues reading]But what about me? I’m just an average guy who usessuicide as a cry for help, a desperate plea forattention.” [sets letter aside]

Well, that got me thinking. I went back to the drawingboard [rises from chair and walks behind nearbyapparatus] and now I’m so proud to introduce my newproduct — The Suicide Attempt Machine. … Here’s howit works. After you’ve hooked yourself up, simply turnthis valve and a solution of potassium chloride isreleased into your bloodstream. [turns valve under oneof three IV bags filled with clear solutions] It’s nota large enough dose to prove lethal — but you’re theonly one that has to know that. While you lieunconscious, the machine is still working, alertingthe authorities to your condition.

[Pan down to reveal that under the IV bags is a taperecorder and a telephone hooked up to a modem – thetouch-tone phone dials “911” – phone rings once -operator picks up]

911 Operator: [female voice answers calmly]Nine-one-one.

Pre-recorded Male Voice: [awkwardly punctuatedby a computerized male voice] Please come quickly to –Three-one-seven – Woodland – Terrace. Somethingterrible has happened! I think – Bill -McIntyre – has killed himself.

[Pan back up to Dr. Kevorkian who grinscreepily.]

Dr. Jack Kevorkian: When they find you, you’llbe hooked up to something that looks just like myfamous Suicide Machine. It’ll seem pretty hopeless.But guess what? You’ll pull through! [heads back tohis seat] People will begin to take you and yourproblems seriously. And you’ll live out your life withdignity. [sits] So order now. And, maybe this year,what they’ll find under the Christmas tree – isyou!

[Applause as we fade out on a grinning Dr.K.]

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Author: Don Roy King

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