SNL Transcripts: Nancy Kerrigan: 03/12/93


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March 12th, 1994

Nancy Kerrigan

Aretha Franklin


  • NBC News Special Report

    President Bill Clinton (Phil Hartman) apologizes for Whitewater, but blames Hillary.

    Recurring Characters: Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, Sam Donaldson.

  • Nancy Kerrigan’s Monologue

    Audience members ask Kerrigan inane questions about skating and Tonya Harding.

    Recurring Characters: Tonya Harding, Jeff Gillooly.

  • Crystal Gravy

    (Repeat) See: 10/02/93.

  • Sports Beat

    Kerrigan’s post-Olympics life is more successful than those of her peers.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade

    Kerrigan is Grand Marshal at a small-town St. Patrick’s Day parade.

  • The Denise Show

    First love Linda (Kerrigan) returns to visit Brian (Adam Sandler).

    Recurring Characters: Brian.

  • Aretha Franklin performs “A Deeper Love”

  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

    Frank Sinatra (Phil Hartman) finishes incomplete Grammy Awards acceptance speech.

    Bono (Adam Sandler) sings a St. Patrick’s Day song.

    Recurring Characters: Frank Sinatra, Bono.

  • Don Mateo

    In Mexico, Don Mateo (Phil Hartman) is hot-blooded for an unsuspecting waitress (Kerrigan).

  • Lillehammer ’94

    Weight gain of Olympic skater’s (Kerrigan) partner (Chris Farley) hampens event.

    Recurring Characters: Verne Lundquist, Scott Hamilton.

  • Aretha Franklin performs “Willing to Forgive”

  • Nancy At Disneyland I

    Dressed as Snow White, Kerrigan greets Disneyland visitors, hawks video.

    Recurring Characters: Michael Eisner, Mickey Mouse.

  • Black Rhythm & Blues Singers Today

    Alexa Carlson (Ellen Cleghorne) interviews Aretha Franklin.

  • Nancy At Disneyland II

    Dressed as Tinkerbell, Kerrigan spins in teacup at Disneyland, dispenses treats.

    Recurring Characters: Michael Eisner, Mickey Mouse.

  • Aretha Franklin performs “Chain of Fools”

  • Nancy At Disneyland III

    A Lincoln animatron (Michael McKean) joins Kerrigan in the teacup at Disneyland.

    Recurring Characters: Michael Eisner, Mickey Mouse.

  • Goodnights

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