“Office Space, Part 2”

93p: Helen Hunt / Snoop Doggy Dogg

“Office Space, Part 2”

[ SUPER: “The Continuing Story of Milton” ] [ SUPER: “A Film by Mike Judge” ] [ Milton sits at a desk in a small room, overcrowded by stray boxes ]

Milton: Um.. I told Bill if they put one more box in here, I’m quitting. Um.. because I was told this stuff was suppossed to go in the priner room.. and-and.. and it’s a fire hazard. Um.. because, according to city regulations, there’s supposed to be a sprinkler system or a fire extinguisher on each floor. [ picks nose ] And I told Don, too, because I could make one call to the fire marshall and have this entire building shut down.. um-um.. if they don’t comply with the regulations. Um.. because when they installed the new refrigeration system, they took out the fire extinguisher a-and they never put it back! S-so, if they put one more box in here, I could have Don arrested.

[ distant footsteps approach the door ]

Mover’s Voice: So, where do you want this stuff?

Bill’s Voice: Uh.. just go ahead and throw it in there?

[ Milton raises his finger in quiet protest ]

Milton: W-well..

[ headphone-wearing mover appears in the doorway ]

Mover: In the closet here?

Bill’s Voice: Uh, no – in there on the left.

Mover: [ peeks into Milton’s “office” ] In here?

[ Bill appears behind the mover, casually holding his cup of coffee ]

Bill: Yeaaaah. Anywhere is fine.

Mover: Alright.

Milton: Um.. but.. w-well..

Bill: Oh, and, uh.. Bob?

Mover: Yeah?

Bill: If you’ve got any more boxes up there – yeeeeah – just go ahead and toss them in here. That would be terrific.

Milton: Um.. um..

Bill: In fact, why don’t you just go ahead and move all that junk up in the printer down here. It’s just taking up space. Mmmkay?

Mover: Alright.

Bill: Alright, thanks a bunch, Bob! Buh-bye! [ exits down the hall ]

Milton: Well..

[ the mover sings along to Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son” on his walkman, as he dumps a couple of boxes onto a filing cabinet, destroying some of Milton’s belongings in the process ]

Milton: Excuse me..

[ his job finished, the mover flips the lights off as he exits down the hall ]

Milton: W-well.. okay, then. But.. I’m gonna blow up the entire building. And.. weaken the structure.

[ SUPER: “To Be Continued” ] [ fade ]

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