Majestic Carribbean Cruise Line

Majestic Carribbean Cruise Line

Husband…..Rob Schneider
Wife…..Melanie Hutsell
…..Manute Bol

Announcer: On your next vacation, sample the warmth and magic of a Majestic Carribbean cruise.

Majestic Carribbean has island holidays, tropical getaways, late night hideaways.. and now Majestic Carribbean has Manute Bol, star of the NBA.

[ show Manute Bol ]

Whether you’re sampling gourmet food at our sumptious outdoor buffet..

[ show Manute Bol feasting on buffet with married couple ]

..relaxing witrh friends on deck..

[ Manute, stretched across deck chair, laughs at private story between married couple ]

..playing in the pool..

[ incredibly tall Manute spikes a volleyball into the water during a game of water volleyball ]

..or enjoying the show..

[ everyone is playing Limbo on deck, and tries to pursuade Manute to go under the stick as he shies away ]

..Manute Bol will be there.

Spoil yourself with a lazy breakfast in bed.

[ Manute lies across the tiny couch as married couple smile and drink juice in bed ]

You’ll get all the service and luxury you expect, from Majestic Carribbean – plus, NBA star Manute Bol.

[ show Manute on a series of three different cruise ships ]

Take your choice of any of our three ships: the Majestic King.. the Royal Majesty.. or the new Fiesta Royale.

All three ships have Manute Bol.

Call 1-600-4-MANUTE, and join the fun.

Manute Bol: I’ll be there!

Announcer: He’ll be there.

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