SNL Transcripts: John Goodman: 05/07/93

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May 7th, 1994

John Goodman

The Pretenders

Jan Hooks

  • New York Governor’s Debate

    Howard Stern (Michael McKean) and company make a mockery of gubernatorial
    debate against Mario Cuomo (Phil Hartman).

    Recurring Characters: Mario Cuomo, Howard Stern, Robin Quivers.

  • John Goodman’s Monologue

    Goodman ‘fesses up to his mother about the naughty things he did as a child.

  • Majestic Caribbean Cruise Line

    (Repeat) See: 04/09/93.

  • Captain Jim & Pedro

    Dad (John Goodman) meets with the formerly shipwrecked Captain Jim (Tim Meadows)
    and Pedro (Adam Sandler) before letting them date his daughters (Melanie Hutsell,
    Sarah Silverman).

    Recurring Characters: Captain Jim, Pedro.

  • NRA’s American Sportsman Today

    Ron Wood (Mike Myers) and sportsmen mercilessly kill wild animals.

    Recurring Characters: Ron Wood, Rush Limbaugh, Charlton Heston.

  • The Pretenders perform “Night In My Veins”
  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

    David Spade comments on rock bands that don’t play their well-known hits at concerts.

  • Real Stories Of The Arkansas Highway Patrol

    Arkansas state troopers help pick up girls for Governor Clinton (Phil Hartman).

    “Cops” features domestic disturbance call to Arkansas governor’s mansion.

    Recurring Characters: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton.

  • Theatre Stories

    Kenneth Rees Evans (Mike Myers) spaces out while interviewing his guests.

    Recurring Characters: Kenneth Rees Evans, Christopher Walken.

  • Ninja Pep Talk

    Ninjas try to retool their attack strategy after a failed evening.

  • Philadelphia Action Figures

    (Repeat) See: 02/05/94.

  • Michael Bolton: In His Own Words

    Michael Bolton (Kevin Nealon) presents more plagerized hits on new album.

  • The Pretenders perform “I’ll Stand By You”

  • Flintstones Names

    Goodman converts famous names into their “Flintstones” format.

  • Psychotic Cab Ride

    Cab driver (Rob Schneider) scares couple (John Goodman, Julia Sweeney)
    with trivia about killer drivers.

  • Goodnights

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