SNL Transcripts: Heather Locklear: 05/14/94


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May 14th, 1994

Heather Locklear

Janet Jackson

Jay Leno

Janet Jackson, “Any Time, Any Place”

  • Coffee Talk

    Recurring Characters: Linda Richman.

  • Heather Locklear’s Monologue

    Recurring Characters: Canteen Boy.

  • Eych!

    The hairball remover cats ask for by name.

  • Melrose Place

    Wayne (Mike Myers) fantasizes he’s slept with Amanda (Locklear) in Melrose Place.

    Recurring Characters: Wayne Campbell.

  • Hot Button

    Recurring Characters: Clarence Thomas, Ted Kennedy.

  • Janet Jackson performs “Throb”

  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

    Homophobic Norm MacDonald thinks Kevin Nealon is making a pass at him.

    Adam Sandler sings about his forbidden summer loves.

    Recurring Characters: Captain Jim.

  • The Flirt

    Man (Kevin Nealon) and woman (Locklear) one-up each other with silent flirts.

  • Andy Rooney

    Andy Rooney (Norm MacDonald) shows off envelopes sent in by viewers.

  • Amazing Time Savers

    Aamzing pasta maker is distracted by host’s (Locklear) racist remarks.

  • L’Homme d’Orgasme

    Orgasm Guy’s (Rob Schneider) French cousin is just like him.

    Recurring Characters: Orgasm Guy.

  • Janet Jackson performs “Any Time, Any Place”

  • So Long, Farewell

    SNL’s recurring characters sing goodbye for the summer.

    Recurring Characters: Lucy, Kristy, Tori Spelling, Ike Turner, Linda Richman, Zoraida, Richmeister, Pat, Matt Foley.

  • Goodnights

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