SNL Transcripts: Steve Martin: 09/24/94: Buck Daniels


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 20: Episode 1

94a: Steve Martin / Eric Clapton

Buck Daniels

Country Singer…..Michael McKean
Buck Daniels…..Steve Martin
Tammy Lee…..Janeane Garofalo
Whores…..Ellen Cleghorne, Laura Kightlinger
Jackie Mason…..Adam Sandler

Country Singer: I wrote a song about a man, a dreamer… who achieved it all but lost it. Man’s name was Buck Daniels. This is his song.

[ starts playing guitar and singing ]

“The boy was born on a Texas highway
In the back of a pickup truck.
Proud papa lifts his son to the sky
And says “Boy, your name is Buck.”

The boy grows up in a Kansas shack,
Learns how to play guitar.
At night he dreams his Nashville dreams
Someday I’ll be a star.

Oh Buck Daniels, the plans he made.
Oh Buck Daniels the price he paid.
The boy was a hit at the honkey tonks,
Becoming what he wanted to be.

One summer day he got a record contract
Took a jet plane to Kansas City.
The boy meets a girl in a greasy spoon,
Who says her name is Tammy Lee.
He treated her like the Queen of Spain,
And respected her virginity.

Oh Buck Daniels, his passion delayed.
Oh Buck Daniels, the price he paid.

The boy’s got a single climbin’ the charts
Starts getting a little bit cocky
Doesn’t call home much anymore.
Things with Tammy Lee get rocky.
Boy’s first album hits number one.
Gets an endorsement deal with Coors.
He tells Tammy Lee to hit the road,
Takes up with a couple of whores.

Oh Buck Daniels, the mistakes he made.Oh Buck Daniels, the price he paid.

The second single doesn’t do so good
And the crowd starts headin’ out.
Tammy Lee won’t take his calls.
One of the whores punches him in the mouth
The end of the line for this poor boy
And the death of the dream he was chasin’.
Came one night when he was caught
In bed with comedian Jackie Mason.”

Jackie Mason: I suppose this doesn’t look too good. But I came here for a sandwich. He told me there was a sandwich in the bed. I get in the bed and there was no sandwich. And a pff, and a pff, and a pfft.

Guitarist: [ singing ]“Oh Buck Daniels, the plans he made.
Oh Buck Daniels, the trail he laid.
Oh Buck Daniels, he drank some Raid.
Oh Buck Daniels, the price he paid.
The price he… paid

[ audience applauding ]

Country Singer: Thank you.

Submitted by: Ellis Mitchell

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