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  Season 20: Episode 2

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October 1st, 1994

Marisa Tomei

Bonnie Raitt



A Message from the President of the United StatesSummary: President Bill Clinton (Michael McKean) outlines his new Health Care plans.

Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton.



Marisa Tomei’s MonologueSummary: Marisa Tomei lists the awards she’s won at the hands of Jack Palance, then reveals secrets about New York.


Lexon ParadoxSummary: It’s both the best and worst car you’ll ever own.


Court TVSummary: Testimony from Mona Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei) helps prove that O.J. Simpson (Tim Meadows) is innocent.

Recurring Characters: O.J. Simpson, Judge Ito, Marcia Clark, Robert Shapiro.


Piercing TodaySummary: Freaks on display.

Bonnie Raitt performs “Love Sneaking Up On You”

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: Mike Myers simply thinks the hockey strike is “stupid”. Tim Meadows comments on the hockey strike as a personal blow to black people. Cool Guy’s (David Spade) facial expressions reveal the events of the week.

Recurring Characters: Cool Guy.


Making Better Love WorkshopSummary: Voyeurs (Chris Farley, Adam Sandler) annoy a married couple (Chris Elliott, Janene Garafalo) performing an adult sexual education demonstration.


Daily AffirmationSummary: Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) analyzes the perfect union of Michael Jackson (Tim Meadows) and Lisa-Marie Presley (Marisa Tomei).

Recurring Characters: Stuart Smalley, Michael Jackson.


Monsters of Monologue ’94Summary:

Bonnie Raitt performs “Storm Warning”

Bobby Camilarri’s Bridal Fair 2000Summary:

Framington High Fall MixerSummary: At their Fall mixer, 70’s teen couple (Adam Sandler, Marisa Tomei) make awkward small talk.



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