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  Season 20: Episode 3

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October 15th, 1994

John Travolta



David L. Lander

Steve Buscemi

“Stayin’ Alive”Summary: The “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack follows John Travolta as he walks around backstage before the show.



John Travolta’s MonologueSummary: John Travolta claims he doesn’t want to relive his old roles now that he has “Pulp Fiction” to promote, but various props from those films have their way of falling into his hands.


Bathroom MonkeySummary: Live monkeys with minds all their pwn help keep a woman’s (Janene Garofalo) bathroom spotless.


Coffee TalkSummary: Linda Richman (Mike Myers) chats amicably with a Barbra Streisand impersonator (John Travolta).

Recurring Characters: Linda Richman.


Dracula’s Not GaySummary: Count Dracula’s (John Travolta) potential victims (Kevin Nealon, Janene Garafalo) mistake his flamboyant hospitality as a gay affront.


Seal performs “Prayer For The Dying”

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: Two Guys From A Religious Cult (David Spade, Chris Farley).

Recurring Characters: Two Guys From A Religious Cult.

Quentin Tarantino’s “Welcome Back, Kotter”Summary: Mr. Kotter (Mike Myers), Vinnie Barbarino (John Travolta) and the Sweathogs (Adam Sandler, David Spade, Tim Meadows), Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi) and Lenny (Michael McKean) and Squiggy (Davis L. Lander) infuse gang violence upon Mr. Woodman (Jay Mohr).


Women’s Self-DefenseSummary: In order to practice protecting themselves in public, women taking a self-defense class repeatedly kick a male volunteer (Chris Elliott) in his genitals.

Larry King LiveSummary: Larry King (Kevin Nealon) literally lets the great Marlon Brando (John Travolta) walk all over him in order to get an exclusive interview at his home.

Recurring Characters: Larry King, Marlon Brando.


Seal performs “Crazy”

Small OfficeSummary: Two employees (Chris Farley, Tim Meadows) come to blows after their boss (John Travolta) forces them to share a small office together.

Deaf Drug DealerSummary: Drug dealer (John Travolta) gets involved in shouting arguments because he mishears everything said to him.


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