SNL Transcripts: John Travolta: 10/15/94: John Travolta’s Monologue


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 20: Episode 3

94c: John Travolta / Seal

John Travolta’s Monologue

…..John Travolta

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen — John Travolta!

[ Cheers and applause from the audience. Travolta blows a kiss to the audience. ]

John Travolta: I love you! I love you!!!

[ More cheers and applause from the audience. ]

John Travolta: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a special night for me, because almost 20 years ago tonight you allowed me into your living rooms with “Welcome Back, Kotter.”

[ Cheers and applause from audience. ]

John Travolta: And at the same time that was happening, there was a wonderful new show that came on Saturday nights called “Saturday Night Live.” And since then, for, um… 20 years, I’ve been asked to do this show; they’ve had like 400 episodes and I’ve had like… 5,000 comebacks! And… and… here I am tonight. And I don’t know why I haven’t done the show. I… I… figured I was chicken or maybe I needed something to look forward to or maybe I need to promote my new movie “Pulp Fiction.”

[ Cheers and applause from audience. ]

John Travolta: But… uh… you know, tonight, because of this new role I have; I play a heroin addict, a murderer, a gangster — a charming fellow. You know… But I figured I wouldn’t refer to my old movie characters. Or films. Or TV series. Because, you know… I got a new film.

[ Travolta pulls out a comb and starts styling his hair as Danny Zukow from “Grease”. ]

John Travolta: I don’t got an ego where you have to refer to old movies or TV series. Why do that when you have a new movie like “Pulp Fiction”? It just doesn’t make sense. Gosh, it’s kind of breezy!

[ Travolta looks off of Home Base. ]

John Travolta: Can I borrow your hat?

[ A black, ten-gallon cowboy hat is tossed to him. ]

John Travolta: Oh, thank you.

[ Travolta puts on the hat. ]

John Travolta: Old films are old films and new films are new films, frankly. And… I… uh…

[ Travolta looks to front-row audience. ]

John Travolta: Is that a baby?

[ A woman’s cradling a newborn wrapped in blankets. ]

John Travolta: Can I see it?

[ The woman brings the baby onto Home Base. ]

John Travolta: Oh, how sweet!

[ Travolta holds the newborn, which starts to wail a little. ]

John Travolta: Oh, look who’s talking!

[ He hands the baby back to the mother and she takes her seat. Travolta takes off the cowboy hat and tosses it. ]

John Travolta: Thank you. It’s just crazy. It’s just fun to have a new film like “Pulp Fiction” and to forget about the old ones.

[ He peeks up to the ceiling. ]

John Travolta: Is that… A LIGHT!

[ A disco ball drops and Travolta strikes his famous Tony Monero pose from “Saturday Night Fever”. ]

John Travolta: Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen! We got Seal! We got John Travolta and he’ll be right back!

Submitted by: Cody Downs

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