SNL Transcripts: Sarah Jessica Parker: 11/12/94

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November 12th 1994

Sarah Jessica Parker


Bill Murray

R.E.M., “What’s The Frequenecy, Kenneth?”

  • Decision ’94

    Campaigning Hudnut (Chris Elliot) gives his concession speech.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker’s Monologue

    Parker’s rendition of “Tomorrow” is tailored to Democrat election losses.

  • Eterna Rest

    Corpses rest with greater peace on more comfortable mattress.

  • Good Morning Brooklyn

    Actor Angelo (Adam Sandler) visits, and a free karate demonstration.

    Recurring Characters: James Barone, Angelo.

  • Nice & Naughty Guitarists

  • R.E.M. performs “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?”

  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    Gil Graham (Adam Sandler) relates bad experiences at Led Zeppelin concert.

    Recurring Characters: Gil Graham.

  • Confucius

    Even Confucius (Chris Farley) can’t satisfy fortne cookie maker (Mike Myers).

  • The Casting Couch

    Robert Evans (Michael McKean) hits on young wanna-be actress (Parker).

  • R.E.M. performs “Bang & Blame”

  • The Munchkins

    Munchkins aren’t enthused by Dorothy’s (Parker) accidental killing of Wicked Witch.

  • R.E.M. performs “I Don’t Sleep, I Dream”

  • Michael O’Donaghue Tribute

    Eulogy by Bill Murray, and an encore of “Soiled Kimono” skit.

  • Goodnights

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