SNL Transcripts: George Foreman: 12/17/94


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December 17th, 1994

George Foreman


Michael Buffer

Hole, “Doll Parts”

  • A Christmas Message From the President & Mrs. Clinton

    President Bill Clinton (Michael McKean) & Hillary (Janene Garafalo) distribute gifts.

    Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton.

  • George Foreman’s Monologue

    Foreman jokes about how easy it is to beat up the cast.

  • Time Boxer

    Foreman is transported to 1939 to box Hitler (Mike Myers).

    Recurring Characters: Hitler.

  • Looking Good

    Foreman beats people up to help them look better.

  • Hole performs “Doll Parts”

  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    Martha Stewart (Janene Garafalo) comments on Christmases past.

    Two Guys From A Religious Cult (David Spade, Adam Sandler) review a restaurant.

    Recurring Characters: Martha Stewart, Two Guys From A Religious Cult, Leader.

  • Matt Foley: Motivational Trainer

    Motivation from Matt Foley (Chris Farley) gives Foreman newfound will to hit people.

    Recurring Characters: Matt Foley.

  • Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe (Foreman) is pressured to sing at wedding reception.

  • The Incredible Hulk

    Incredible Hulk (Foreman) balks at needless repetition of sketch.

  • Hole performs “Violet”

  • Chris Elliot’s Bedtime Story

    Chris Elliot asks Foreman to read him a bedtime story in the middle of the show.

  • “Stalking” by Bruce McCulloch

    Woman (Janene Garafalo) is happy to chat with her stalker.

  • Jackie Stallone’s Psychic Circle

    Jackie Stallone (Janene Garafalo) promotes Sylvester, but mocks Frank.

  • Goodnights

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