George Foreman’s Monologue

George Foreman’s Monologue

…..George Foreman

George Foreman: Thank you. Thank you, thank you! Thank you very much! [ audience continues to hollar their excitement ] I said “Thank you”, now stop! [ audience laughs, then applauds harder ]

Well.. I’m really happy to be hosting “Saturday Night Live”. [ waits for the audience to applaud his happiness ] You know, I had a pretty good year. Some interesting things, let’s see.. happened to me this year. Uhhh.. I celebrated my 45th birthday. [ audience applauds wildly ] And what else, uh.. [ with a mock rush of memory ] ..oh, yeah! I became Heavyweight Champion of World!! [ audience feeds Foreman the applause he craves ] Again! And.. I’ve had a.. pretty good week. These people, they have been so nice. Sure, there have been a few disagreements, but uh.. that’s only natural. [ chuckles ] Guess who won? [ audience laughs ] I’m telling you, no one in this cast can take a punch. [ audience laughs ] David Spade fights like a girl.. Chris Farley? Big guy, strong guy.. a lot of heart.. but not a genius. [ demonstrates ] “Look, Chris! Your shoe’s untied!” [ laughs, mimes how he knocked Farley out ] And Chris Elliot – every time I looked at the guy, he started crying like a baby! But I hear.. that’s the way it is with every host.

Anyway.. once everyone figured out who was boss around here, we all got along just fine. so, stick around, we got a great show! Hole is here. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back!

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