SNL Transcripts: David Hyde Pierce: 01/21/95


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January 21st, 1995

David Hyde Pierce



  • Court TV

    Judge Ito (Mike Myers) sorts through allowable O.J. Simpson evidence.

    Recurring Characters: Judge Ito, Marcia Clark, Robert Shapiro, F. Lee Bailey,

    Johnny Cochran.

  • David Hyde Pierce’s Monologue

    Pierce is the Very Model of a Modern Major General.

  • Amazin’ Laser

    Homeowner (Chris Elliot) promotes laser with contradicting disclaimers.

  • Poetry Class

    Teacher (Pierce) applauds students’ plagierized rock lyrics.

  • Tales Of Little Women

    Children are prim and proper, until they fall into the icy lake.

  • Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly

    Andy (Mike Myers) & Ian (Mark McKinney) butt heads with tennis hooligan (Pierce).

    Recurring Characters: Andy Gray, Ian Daglers.

  • Live performs “I Alone”

  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    Tim Meadows is happy the hockey strike is over.

    Jay Mohr presents manipulated sports bloopers.

  • Robot Spy

    Brainy cadet (Pierce) might be a robot spy.

  • Nervous Habits

    Lawyers (Pierce, Michael McKean) have nervous habit of shearing sheep.

  • Foreignors & Jersey Kids

    Foreignor (Pierce) and Jersey kids (Adam Sandler, David Spade) miscommunicate.

  • Perspectives

    Recurring Characters: Lionel Osbourne.

  • Live performs “Selling The Drama”
  • The Internet

    Darrill (Mark McKinney) meets naughty little girl Claire (Chris Elliot) online.

  • Movie News

    Disney subsidiaries are praised against their competitors.

  • Goodnights

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