SNL Transcripts: Bob Newhart: 02/11/95

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February 11th, 1995

Bob Newhart


Suzanne Pleshette

  • Colin Ferguson Trial

    Colin Ferguson (Tim Meadows) makes a mockery defending himself in court.

  • Bob Newhart’s Monologue

    Newhart jokes about security guard’s first night on the job when King Kong visits.

  • Ricki Lake

    Dr. Bob Hartley (Newhart) counsels bizarre family sex problem.

    Recurring Characters: Ricki Lake.

  • Book Buzz

    Author of world record book (Chris Farley) prints personally-verified information.

  • Des’ree performs “You Gotta Be”

  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    In clip, O.J. Simpson witness (Chris Elliot) makes faces at the camera.

    David Spade ponders likely suitors for newly-single Cindy Crawford.

    Adam Sandler sings about the “Sex Phone Lady.”

  • Baywatch

    Civilian (Newhart) saves drowning man (Chris Farley) when Baywatch team don’t react.

  • The Evaluation

    Postal Employee Relations Officer (Newhart) evaluates a disgruntled employee.

  • “Hi Bob”

    Newhart stops Chris Farley and Chris Elliot from playing drinking game.

  • Des’ree performs “Feels So High”

  • Sports Beat

    Manic-depressive announcer (Newhart) is interviewed.

  • Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

    Gold nuggets vs. the hardware store.

  • Goodnights

    Bob Hartley (Newhart) wakes up following bad dream that he hosted “SNL”.

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