Himself/Bob Hartley…..Bob Newhart
Emily Hartley…..Suzanne Pleschette

[ Bob Newhart stands at Home Base with cast and crew of “Saturday Night Live” ]

Bob Newhart: I had a great time, did you have a great time tonight? [ audience cheers ] Des’ree!

[ Newhart and the cast wave goodnight as the credits roll. Norm MacDonald presents Newhart with one of his comedy albums, which Newhart happily autographs and displays for the audience to see. ] [ cut to the individual Broadway Video and NBC Productions logos ] [ dissolve to black, then dissolve up on the bedroom of Bob and Emily Hartley. Bob rises frantically and turns on the light. ]

Bob Hartley: Oh, my God! Honey, honey, wake up!

[ Emily Hartley rises from her side of the bed ]

Emily Hartley: What is it, Bob? Did you have another dream?

Bob Hartley: Yeah! It was.. it was horrible! I dreamed I was hosting “Saturday Night Live”.

Emily Hartley: “Saturday Night Live”? Is that show still on?

Bob Hartley: I don’t know! [ pause ] But thank God it was a dream. Good.. good night, honey.

Emily Hartley: Good night, Bob.

[ they kiss goodnight, turn off the light and go back to sleep, as “The Bob Newhart Show” theme music pots up and the scene fades ]

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