SNL Transcripts: George Clooney: 02/25/95

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February 25th, 1995

George Clooney

The Cranberries


  • Black History Month

    Ellen Cleghorne and Tim Meadows look for heroes among a dismal year.

  • George Clooney’s Monologue

    Clooney and a nurse (Molly Shannon) give an audience member (Tom Davis) a liver transplant.

  • Lexon Paradox

    (Repeat) See: 10/01/94.

  • Seaworld

    Unlucky man (Chris Farley) is splashed by whale while losing co-ed (Janene Garafalo) to handsome gent (Clooney).

  • Taxicab Confessions

    Fares with information to hide don’t mind sharing with HBO.

    Recurring Characters: Jay Leno.

  • The Cranberries performs “Zombie”

  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    Confused O.J. Simpson juror (Ellen Cleghorne) hasn’t paid attention to the trial.

    Clooney comments on the use of leeches on “Chicago Hope”.

    Kevin Nealon delivers a commentary for people with short attention spans.

  • WR

    Doctors keep their patients waiting endlessly.

  • Tales of Railroad Malfeasance

    Applicant (Mark Mckinney) is asked bizarre questions during interview.

  • The Mack Reardon Story

  • The Cranberries performs “Ode To My Family”

  • Zagat’s

    Hank (Adam Sandler) grows weary as Beverly (Chris Farley) drones on about dining possibilities.

    Recurring Characters: Hank Gelfand, Beverly Gelfand.

  • Emory, Illinois


  • Snowbird

    Karaoke king (Bruce McCulloch) is unable to perform his song during contest.

  • Goodnights

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