SNL Transcripts: Paul Reiser: 03/18/95

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March 18th, 1995

Paul Reiser

Annie Lennox


  • Newt’s Half-Sister

    Newt Gingrich (Chris Farley) meets with his lesbian half-sister (Mark McKinney).
    Recurring Characters: Newt Gingrich.

  • Paul Reiser’s Monologue

    Reiser assures the audience he’s not an expert on the subject of dating.

  • Where’s Superman?

    Superman refuses to help save Earth from a meteor.

    Recurring Characters: Perry White, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen.

  • Road To The Final Four

    Sportscasters (Reiser, Kevin Nealon) fake enthusiasm for women’s basketball.

  • Annie Lennox performs “No More I Love Yous”

  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    Jeff Foxworthy (David Spade) explains “You might be a Tornado if…”

    Morons Frank Dippy (Adam Sandler) & Hank Doodle (Chris Farley) offer nothing.

    Recurring Characters: Jeff Foxworthy.

  • Sparklebrite Toothpaste

    Ad campaign’s inter-racial kiss may not be to toothpaste’s advantage.

  • Daily Affirmation

    Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) tries to counsel drunken cameraman (Chris Farley).

    Recurring Characters: Stuart Smalley.

  • Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

    Recalling lessons in sex on the farm.

  • Aliens 4: Mad About You Aliens

    Wise-cracking Paul Buchman’s (Reiser) alien wife births offspring.

  • Dating In The Nineties

    Talk show panel believes Reiser to be sexually inexperienced.

  • Annie Lennox performs “Train In Vain”

  • One Brother Restaurant

    Greek restaurant’s menu items take on their literal meanings.

  • O’Callahan & Son Pub

    O’Callahan (Michael McKean) & Son (Jay Mohr) make fun of wimpy beverage choices.

  • Goodnights

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