SNL Transcripts: John Goodman: 03/25/95: The Tragically Hip performs “Grace, Too”


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 20: Episode 16

94p: John Goodman / The Tragically Hip

The Tragically Hip performs “Grace, Too”

…..Dan Aykroyd
…..The Tragically Hip

DAN AYKROYD, wearing the make-up and wig from the previous “The Late, Late Show” sketch as Tom Snyder, stands on home base. He’s now wearing jeans and a white t-shirt displaying CANADA in big, red letters near the neck and the Royal Canadian coat of arms on the center torso.

Dan Aykroyd: Ladies and gentlemen –

[Raucous applause from the audience.]

Dan Aykroyd: Thank you… thank you…

[The audience applause goes up than subsides.]

Dan Aykroyd: From Kingston, Ontario, Canada, home of Kirk Muller, Walter Frank Foy and me, it is my honor to introduce to America, my friends… The Tragically Hip!

[THE TRAGICALLY HIP (composed of lead singer/guitarist Gordon Downie, guitarist Rob Baker, guitarist/vocalist Paul Langlois, bass player/vocalist Gord Sinclair and drummer Johnny Fay), begin to play “Grace, Too]

Gordon Downie: [singing]“He said I’m fabulously itch”

[Downie takes a beat as he realizes he meant to say rich instead of itch.]

Gordon Downie: [singing]“C’mon lets just go
She kinda bit her lip
Geez, I don’t know
But I can guarantee
They’ll be no knock on the door
I’m total pro that what I’m here for
I come from downtown
Born ready for you
Armed with will and determination
And grace too”

“The secrets prove of engagement
Are hard to endorse
When the appearance of conflict
Meets the appearance of force
I’m total pro
What I’m here for
I come from downtown
Born ready for you
Armed with will and determination
And grace too”

[Audience applauds. The “SNL” 1975-1995 20th anniversary logo is “spray-painted” on the lower left corner.]


Submitted by: Cody Downs

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