Courtney Cox: 04/15/95


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April 15th, 1995

Courtney Cox

Dave Matthews Band

Bela Fleck

Dave Matthews Band, “What Would You Say”

  • Matt Foley, Bilingual Motivational Speaker

    Senor Matt Foley (Chris Farley) tries to motivateSpanish teens.

    Recurring Characters: Matt Foley.

  • Courtney Cox’s Monologue

    Bruce Springsteen (Adam Sandler) hogs Cox’s spotlight.

  • Good Morning Brooklyn

    Hot Dog Vendor (Chris Farley) receives the Beatin’ of the Week.

    Recurring Characters: James Barone.

  • Gapardy

    Gap Girls (Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Farley) compete knowledge.

    Recurring Characters: Kristy, Lucy, Cindy.

  • Dave Matthews Band performs “What Would You Say”

  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    English teacher Louise Ingstrom (Molly Shannon) punctuates text.

  • Melanie Babysits

    Dr. Henderson (Chris Elliot) is intoxicated by teen babysitter Melanie (Mark McKinney).

    Recurring Characters: Melanie.

  • Hiring Charles Manson

    Innocent office remark leads to job offer for Charles Manson (Adam Sandler).

  • Truth vs. Jokes

    At party, employee (Kevin Nealon) can’t tell when co-worker (Tim Meadows) is joking.

  • Replacement Baseball

    Careers of replacement players discussed in vivid detail.

  • His Muse Friday

    Screwball comedy leads (Michael McKean, Cox) bounce off poetic one-liners.

  • Dave Matthews Band performs “Ants Marching”

  • Obnoxious Co-Worker

    One-night stand makes co-worker (David Spade) obnoxious.

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