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  Season 21: Episode 2

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October 7th, 1995

Chevy Chase

Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories


Lorne Michaels

Mariel Hemingway

Don Novello
NFL on NBCSummary: O.J. Simpson (Tim Meadows) hints at guilt during football game commentary with coach Marv Levy (Will Ferrell).

Recurring Characters: O.J. Simpson, Bob Costas, Mike Ditka.



Chevy Chase’s MonologueSummary: Donning a Jiminy Cricket imitation, Chevy Chase sings “When You Wish Upon a Star” while reminiscing about SNL’s early days.


LobotolSummary: Employee (Nancy Walls) slows her overachieving co-worker (Cheri Oteri) down with a dose of Lobotol.


AltheaSummary: Hyperactive little girl Althea (Cheri Oteri) annoys the plane’s captain (Chevy Chase) during her flight.

Recurring Characters: Althea.


The Blame GameSummary: Contestants (Chevy Chase, Tim Meadows) blame each other in their quest for game show glory.


Fuzzy MemoriesSummary: Jack Handey recalls a blase encounter with escaped criminal.


BraveheartSummary: A medieval crowd stands below stone steps waiting for Braveheart, who doesn’t show, to come down. It’s all a ploy for Lorne Michaels to get Chevy Chase to honor a decades-old contract to perform the falls he didn’t do when he left SNL early. Chevy relunctantly agrees, but urges new cast member Jim Breuer to take the high road, just before he pushes him down the steps. Chevy starts to yell “Live from New York!” before being told the show has already started. He introduces tonight’s musical guest instead.

Note: Six years earlier, at SNL’s 15th anniversary, Chevy Chase had to beg Lorne Michaels to let him open the special with a fall, and was forced to sign various waivers stating he wouldn’t sue the network if he hurt himself because of his age.


Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories perform “Do You Sleep?”

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) announces that Pope John Paul II lost his wallet in Central Park. He later promises a special mass for the New Yorker who finds the wallet.

Recurring Characters: Father Guido Sarducci.

Prom FlashbackSummary: A married couple (Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri) are still together in spite of their horrendous prom night years earlier.


Gangsta Bitch BarbieSummary: The street-life toy that represents in the 9-5.


The Mark Fuhrman ShowSummary: Mark Fuhrman (Chevy Chase) pretends to be enlightened by a rap singer (Tim Meadows) during an interview.

O.J. TodaySummary: After O.J. Simpson is declared “Not guilty,” the cast and crew of “O.J. Today” show off their favorite outtakes during their final show.

Recurring Characters: Bill McDonald.

Spade in AmericaSummary: David Spade comments on the decline of popular music.

Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories perform “Stay”

LampreysSummary: A young boy (Cheri Oteri) is heartbroken to part with his beloved face-sucking eels.


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