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  Season 21: Episode 6

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November 18th, 1995

Laura Leighton



Paula Pell

Sam Waterston

Grant Show

Sean Penn
Air Force OneSummary: While President Clinton lives it up in First Class, Bob Dole (Norm MacDonald) and Newt Gingrich (Darrell Hammond) must settle for the third world conditions of flying Coach.

Recurring Characters: Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich.



Laura Leighton’s MonologueSummary: Laura Leighton’s biggest fans, Lucien (Mark McKinney) and Fagan (David Koechner), lavish their idol with flowers, reference favorite episodes, and present her with a portrait of themselves enjoying her performance on “Melrose Place”.

Recurring Characters: Lucien, Fagan.


Old Glory InsuranceSummary: Sam Waterston endorses the insurance plan that protects elderly people against robot attacks.


The Fortune TellerSummary: A skeptical customer (Norm MacDonald) makes fun of a fortune teller (Laura Leighton) after she incorrectly states the name of his hometown.


Home For The HolidaysSummary: Time-Life videotape series catalogues a series of family fights over the Thanksgiving holidays.


What a Woman WantsSummary: Female hosts (Laura Leighton, Molly Shannon) have all the answers.

CydneySummary: In a nightmare dream sequence on “Melrose Place”, Sydney (Laura Leighton) is harrassed by annoying midgets during a perfume commercial shoot.


Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: Norm MacDonald is twice the victim of a Howard Stern supporter posing as a serious commentator. Local resident Joe Blow (Colin Quinn) delivers neighborhood news items from his block.

Recurring Characters: Joe Blow.

Rancid performs “Roots Radical”

RobertaSummary: The presence of bland co-worker Roberta (Cheri Oteri) ruins a businesswoman’s (Laura Leighton) party.

Recurring Characters: Roberta.

Spade in AmericaSummary: Sean Penn agrees to an interview with David Spade as long as he can give the “SNL” star a tattoo.


Self-PunishmentSummary: Tommy (Jim Breuer) tortures himself for making mistakes at the office.


Rancid performs “Ruby Soho”

Git With YouSummary: Crossing paths on a stret corner, a homeboy (Tim Meadows) tells a businesswoman (Laura Leighton) that he wants to “git” with her.



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