SNL Transcripts: Laura Leighton: 11/18/95: Git With You


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 21: Episode 6

95f: Laura Leighton / Rancid

Git With You

Homeboy…..Tim Meadows
Woman…..Laura Leighton

[ open on the outside of Provence Restaurant – a Woman steps outside tohail a cab, where she is noticed by a Homeboy on the sidewalk ]

Homeboy: Hey, baby. I gotta git with you!

Woman: I’m sorry?

Homeboy: You heard me. I gotta git with you all night!

Woman: Please, I don’t want to be bothered tonight.

Homeboy: I wanna git with you!

Woman: Look.. I had a hard day, and I’m really not in the mood for this.

Homeboy: I wanna git with you all night long!

Woman: Okay. Let’s say you can “git” with me.. all night long. Where does that get me?

Homeboy: In the Winner’s Circle, baby! [ laughs ]

Woman: You know what, I think you’re thinking about what you need, and not about what I need.

Homeboy: No, no, baby, you got me all wrong, you know?

Woman: No, no, I don’t.

Homeboy: Look.. I was thinking maybe we could go see “Il Postino” at one of those art movie houses.. or any of those foreign films, like “Shaft in Africa”, you know?

Woman: [ laughs ] You don’t know anything about foreign films. You probably just read that in the paper.

Homeboy: [ thinking ] I just wanna git with you!

Woman: I’d say, at this point, it’s highly unlikely that you’regoing to “git” with me, as you so eloqently put it.

Homeboy: Aw, but baby!

Woman: Don’t call me baby. I’m not your baby. And stopgrabbing your crotch, it’s really unattractive.

Homeboy: Alright. Well, how about this? I was thinking we could walk around Washington Square Park and hold hands, you know, while we look at all the different chess players – you know, just people watch. And then we could into one of those coffee/cafe houses and whisper to each other about our hopes and our dreams for the future, and wonder why it’s so easy to feel isolated in a room full of people. And then I wanna git with you!

Woman: See, there you go again..

Homeboy: Oh, no, no.. you talking about my phrase, “Git With You”, huh? See, I use that purely to express my desire to connect with you in the Earth Mother sense, you know? “Git With You” referring to the many treasures that you as a woman share, you know? Life-giving milk and peaceful beauty. Hence the phrase “Git With You”, which is what I wanna do. Now, can I git with you?

Woman: No!

Homeboy: You know, you just threatened by the honesty of mysexuality.

Woman: Oh, save it for your next Penthouse letter. Youdon’t know anything about me.

Homeboy: Oh, baby, I know everything about you! You know, I know exactly what you like. You know, we could sit around your bedroom and cut cool pictures out of magazines, and I’ll braid your hair.. we can call all your friends on the telephone and get all giddy and laughing.. and we can watch some late-night movie and create our own dialogue. And then one day we’ll be carving pumpkins at Halloween together, and I’ll look at you, and you’ll have a pumpkin seed on your nose, and I’ll reach to knock it off, and you’ll gently grab my hand and look into my eyes.. and then I wanna git with you!

Woman: Why does it always have to end the same way? It was actually nice until then.

Homeboy: Really? Well.. you know, what say you and me go back to my room at the Y? ‘ Cause, you know, I got a big ol’ jug of Gallo Wine just sitting there, you know? And we can just sit around and talk like friends and listen to my transistor radio.

Woman: [ pause ] You promise you’re not gonna try to “git” with me?

Homeboy: Nooo.. we all past that point now.

Woman: [ thinking ] Okay.

Homeboy: [ holds up his arm for her to grab ] Bob.

Woman: [ grabs his arm ] Susan.

Homeboy: You know, in the future, after we get a bond together and everything – can I git with you?

Woman: We’ll see.

[ they walk off into the night ]

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