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  Season 21: Episode 8

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December 9th, 1995

David Alan Grier



Paula Pell

NightlineSummary: Ted Koppel (Darrell Hammond) delights in referring to Michael Jackson (Tim Meadows) as Jacko when the pop superstar is downed by a back injury.

Recurring Characters: Ted Koppel, Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley.


David Alan Grier’s MonologueSummary: David Alan Grier performs stand-up on a variety of topics.

The Rocky RoadsSummary: Rocky Roads Craig (Will Ferrell), Terry (David Alan Grier), Brad (Tim Meadows) and Tina (Nancy Walls) give an uplifting performance at a school assembly.

Recurring Characters: Craig, Terry, Brad.


The Today ShowSummary: Whenever “The Today Show” goes to a commercial, Bryant Gumbel (David Alan Grier) behaves like a homeboy from the hood.

Recurring Characters: Bryant Gumbel, Katie Couric, Slobodan Milosevic, Willard Scott.

Three Wise MenSummary: Of the three Wise Men, Balthazar (David Alan Grier) has forgotten to bring a gift to bear to the Baby Jesus.

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: President Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) gives “The American President” a big thumbs-up for its dead First Lady plot line. Lenny The Lion (Colin Quinn) discusses the hardships he’s endured as part of the animal kingdom.

Recurring Characters: Bill Clinton, Lenny the Lion.


Silverchair performs “Tomorrow”

Wake Up & SmileSummary: On the 20th anniversary of their morning show, co-hosts Oliver (Will Ferrell) and Diane (Nancy Walls) suffer a breakdown when the teleprompter fails to provide their dialogue, and a “Lord of the Flies” scenerio plays out.


Spade in AmericaSummary: David Spade gives a year-in-review Hollywood Minute.

Black PeopleSummary: A profile of black musician Charles Honeydew Wilkins (David Alan Grier).

Silverchair performs “Pure Massacre”

PerspectivesSummary: Lionel Osbourne (Tim Meadows) welcomes his buddy, Dr. Emory Coleman (David Alan Grier), as his guest, even though he hosts a similiar show on another channel.

Recurring Characters: Lionel Osbourne.



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