SNL Transcripts: David Alan Grier: 12/09/95: The Rocky Roads

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  Season 21: Episode 8

95h: David Alan Grier / Silverchair

The Rocky Roads

Principal…..Molly Shannon
Craig…..Will Ferrell
Terry…..David Alan Grier
Tina…..Nancy Walls
Brad…..Tim Meadows

[ open on interior, Culverdale Elementary School Auditorium ]

Principal: Okay, let’s thank Patty Miller, Timmy Jacobson, and Sara Yoder for participating in our Neighborhood Improvement Program. They are our Citizens of the Week! This is for you.. [ hands them a plaque ] You should be very proud of yourselves – terrific! Okay, as you know, it’s Friendship Week.. and we have a very special treat for you. Please give a very warm, Culverdale Elementary School welcome to the Rocky Roads!

[ Rocky Roads step out ]

Craig: [ strumming guitar ] Thank you, Principal Richards. We’re the Rocky Roads. I’d like to thank the good people here at Culverdale Elementary, for being so great. You’re proably thinking, “Hey! What’s with a name like the Rocky Roads?”

Black Guys: We’re the chocolate!

White Guy & Girl: We’re the marshmallow!

Terry: And we’re all just a little nuts!

[ they laugh ]

Craig: But, really! Our goal today is to learn about ourselves, think about ourselves..

Terry: And have a whole lot of fun while we do it!

Craig: Yeah! You bet, Terry! Hey! Who likes to learn? Boo-oo-oo! Right! Well, not today. Check out Terry, Tina, and Brad as they take themselves down an all-too-familiar road. [ strums his guitar and slides offscreen ]

Brad: Hey, New Girl, what’s your name?

Tina: Sally.

Terry: That’s not what I heard. I heard it was “Honky Cracker”.

Brad: That’s what I heard, too, “Honky Cracker”!

Tina: [ weeps ]

Craig: Freeze it! [ they freeze ] Hey, how do you think the new girl felt when the guys called her a “Honky Cracker”? Yeah, right, she felt hurt, that’s how she felt. Let’s see what happens this time, when Terry and Brad decide to be nice first. [ strums guitar and slides offscreen again ]

Brad: Hey, New Girl, what’s your name?

Tina: Sally.

Terry: Wow.. that’s what I heard! I heard it was Sally!

Brad: Hey, that’s what I heard, too! Would you like to go to myhouse, and listen to some records?

Tina: Sure!

[ music plays, as the Rocky Roads get up and sing ]

Rocky roads: “Black, white!
Yellow, white!
Red, white!
Outta site!”

Brad: “People everywhere are different.”

Craig: “We all have different skin.”

Tina: “It don’t matter what you look like.”

Terry: “All that matters is what’s within.”

Brad: “You may be a joker.”

Craig: “Or maybe a straight-A whiz.”

Tina: “You may be king of the nation.”

Terry: “But the only thing that matters is..”

Rocky roads: “Black, white!
Yellow, white!
Red, white!
Outta site!
Outta site!”

Craig: Hey, man, that song really brought it all together for me!

Terry: Well, hey, if you can groove on that, maybe you can really groove on this!

Craig: Hey, that looks like drugs.

Tina: Drugs?! Don’t be laying that ol’ jive on Craig!

Terry: Hey, what’s the matter? Ain’t you tough enough?![ breaks character and addresses the students ] There! You know, you’ve heard it a million times – “Ain’t you tough enough to do drugs?” But what they don’t tell you, man, is that they’re too weak to quit! I mean, why do you think they call it “dope”?

Craig: Word.

Brad: That’s because the only people who do drugs are the “Freaky People”.

Rocky Roads: [ singing ]“Freaky People. Freaky People. Freaky People. Freaky People.”

Brad: “Come into your neighborhood.”

Tina: “Freaky People, never up to any good.”

Terry: “Never left with any hope.”

Craig: “The only thing they got is dope.”

Rocky Roads: “No good! Shifty eyed!”

Terry: “I remember the day they made my sister cry!”

Rocky Roads: “Pushin’ dope! Gettin’ high!”

Terry: “Where were you when my best friend died!”

Brad: Somebody gave me some bad joint!

Craig: I can fly!

Tina: Stop!

Rocky Roads: “Freaky People!”

Terry: So, if you run into a Freaky Person..

Tina: Tell him and his Freaky Friends to take a hike!

Brad: And you can tell them the Rocky Roads said so!

Craig: You sure can! So, go back to class, and we’ll see you inabout two weeks!

[ fade out ]

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