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  Season 21: Episode 10

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January 13th, 1996

Christopher Walken

Joan Osborne


Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

Gov. George Pataki

Dennis McNicholas

Paula Pell

Ryan Shiraki
The Blizzard of ’96Summary: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani & Governor George Pataki apologize for the low quality of tonight’s show, due to the past week’s blizzard and the cast’s efforts to assist with snow removal instead of rehearsing.


Christopher Walken’s MonologueSummary: Christopher Walken sings about snow with the Snowdiggers (Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri, Nancy Walls).

Also Hosted: 89k, 92d, 99p, 00t, 02m.

Rita DelvecchioSummary: Rita Delvecchio (Cheri Oteri) tries to get her neighbor, Vic (Christopher Walken), to clear up her walk with his snowblower.

Recurring Characters: Rita Delvecchio.


The ContinentalSummary: The Continental (Christopher Walken) fails again with an unintended female visitor to his elegant bachelor pad.

Recurring Characters: The Continental.

Joan Osborne performs “One Of Us”

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: Jim Breuer demonstrates how his stomach reacts to various alcholic beverages. Jesse Jackson (Darrell Hammond) draws a comparison between civil rights and laughter.

Recurring Characters: Jesse Jackson.

Connie Stinson TalksSummary: Talk show host Connie Stinson (Christopher Walken) fuels the wrath of his guests by putting their feelings into his own man-spirited words.


Mary Katherine GallagherSummary: Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon) indulges in a daydream about dancing with her guidance counselor (Christopher Walken).

Recurring Characters: Mary Katherine Gallagher.

Spade in AmericaSummary: Christopher Walken mans the desk so David Spade can deliver a live outdoor remote at the scene of the blizzard, but technical problems result in David Spade never realizing he’s on the air as he makes fun of Christopher Walken and the cast of “Saturday Night Live.”

The ExecutionSummary: While manning the switch, Gerald “T-Bone” Tibbins (David Koechner) tortures a death row inmate (Christopher Walken) in his last minutes on Earth.

Recurring Characters: Gerald “T-Bone” Tibbins.



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