SNL Transcripts: Danny Aiello: 02/10/96

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  Season 21: Episode 12

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February 10th, 1996

Danny Aiello


Larry Brown

Chris Farley
Inside PoliticsSummary: Steve Forbes (Mark McKinney) and Bob Dole (Norm MacDonald) answer questions.

Recurring Characters: Bob Dole, Steve Forbes, Bernard Shaw, Bobbi Batista.


Danny Aiello’s MonologueSummary: Danny Aiello sings “Chubby Clementine.”

Ma’s Spaghetti SauceSummary: A comment about Ma’s (Cheri Oteri) spaghetti sauce sets off violence among the family at the dinner table.

The Kevin Franklin ShowSummary: Kevin Franklin (Tim Meadows) is consistently and admittedly wrong about the things he says.

Recurring Characters: Kevin Franklin.


Time-Life’s Valentine’s Day ArgumentsSummary: Time-Life videotape series catalogues a series of family fights over the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Recurring Characters: Steve, Cindy.


AltheaSummary: Hyperactive little girl Althea (Cheri Oteri) annoys the bus driver (Danny Aiello) during long ride.

Recurring Characters: Althea.

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonaldSummary: Norm MacDonald’s brother Gary (David Koechner) free-associates a commentary on the Republican Party. Larry Brown comments about the Superbowl spread.

Recurring Characters: Gary MacDonald.

Coolio performs “1, 2, 3, 4”

Spade in AmericaSummary: Special guest Newt Gingrich (Chris Farley) delivers a desperate plug for “Black Sheep.”

Hi-C & TurkeySummary: An insurance salesman (Danny Aiello) is very open about his love for Hi-C and turkey.


Coolio performs “Gangsta’s Paradise”

Martha Stewart LivingSummary: Martha Stewart (Nancy Walls) tries to deny her New Jersey background.

Recurring Characters: Martha Stewart.

Fuzzy MemoriesSummary: Jack Handy recalls tricking his brother into jumping off of the roof.


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