SNL Transcripts: Phil Hartman: 03/23/96: The Roxbury Guys


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 21: Episode 16

95p: Phil Hartman / Gin Blossoms

The Roxbury Guys

Steve Butabi…..Will Ferrell
Doug Butabi…..Chris Kattan
Passing Female…..Cheri Oteri

(open on China Club – Captain Hollywood Project’s “More & More” begins to play)

(interior of the club, people dancing to the music, the crowds part and Steve & Doug Butabi are revealed drinking at the bar, they begin to simultaneously bop their heads back and forth)

Doug Butabi: Wanna dance?

(Steve tries his luck and walks towards someone)

Steve Butabi: Hey, you wanna dance? No? Okay Okay. (takes a swig of his beer)

Doug Butabi: (another try) Hey hey hey hey, over here, huh? (motions to himself offering to dance) No? All right.

Steve Butabi: (another try) Hey! Do you want to dance? No?

(They both ask at the same time and go back and forth asking “Him? Me? No? Him? Me?” as they point to one another – Doug puts his beer down and goes into what he thinks is dancing, only to get rejected again, Steve follows suit)

(A passing female (Cheri Oteri) walks past only to be stopped by the brothers)

Both: Oh yeah, Baby!

(They both begin to bounce her off one another – “dancing” with her as she tells them no)

Passerby: I don’t want to dance! I don’t want to dance! I don’t want to dance! Bathroom!

(She runs off)

Both: Score! Yeah, all right! (They high five each other as the crowds come back into frame and the scene ends)

Submitted by: Benjamin LaBaron

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