SNL Transcripts: Dana Carveyt: 10/26/96: Dana Carvey’s Monologue

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 22: Episode 4

96d: Dana Carvey / Dr. Dre

Dana Carvey’s Monologue

…..Dana Carvey
…..Cheri Oteri

Dana Carvey: People say, “Why do you come back?” And I tell them,honestly, really.. I come back to be with my friends..

[ starts singing ]

“There’s a very special lady, who made us all smile
And an Austrian chap who pumped you up in a while.
There’s Bush and Grumpy Old Man, of whom you’re both so fond
‘And I’m the one who always said, “Party on.”‘

I like to be these people for you!
I like to put on a wig and say, ‘How do you do?’
I like repeating catchphrases like ”
I love to be these people for you!

I was Massive Headwound Harry, whose skull was cut in half
And Mr. Uneven Sideburns always made us laugh.
I was Buckwheat, and.. (‘O-tay!’) ..then everything was fine
And of course the Cheerleader was also mine.”

Cheri Oteri: Dana, that’s my character.

Dana Carvey: Cheri, play along with me.

Cheri Oteri: Hey! Who’s that Spartan named Dana Carvey?

Dana Carvey: It’s me! It’s me! [ pause ] Here we go!

Dana’s Character’s and Cheri: [ singing ]“We like to be these people for you!
We like to put on a wig and say, ‘How do you do?’
We love to be.. these people..
[ Macarena ] ..hey Macarena.. for you!”

Dana Carvey: Dr. Dre is in the house! Stick around, we’ve got agreat show!

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