SNL Transcripts: Phil Hartman: 11/23/96: Froonga


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 22: Episode 7

96g: Phil Hartman / Bush


Friend…..Chris Kattan
Partygoer #1…..Tim Meadows
Partygoer #2…..Ana Gasteyer
Partygoer #3…..Jim Breuer

[ open on partygoers playing a Jenga-like paror game with wine glasses ]

Partygoers: Froonga!! Froonga!! Froonga!! Froonga!! Froonga!! [ cheer ]

Friend: Hey, guys, whatcha playing?

Partygoer #1: It’s Froonga! The exciting new game from Sweden!

Friend: How do you play?

Partygoer #2: It’s simple! You just take a piece of glass from the bottom.. [ demonstrates ] ..and place it on the top!

Partygoer #3: The one who topples the glasspile loses. Froonga!

Friend: Hey, can I play?

[ Friend pulls glass, knocking the structure to the ground; partygoers run away in panic ]

Announcer: It’s Froonga! The fun-time glass game! By the same people who brought you:

Silly Knife Ball – try and catch it!

And.. Flame Hat. He-ey! You head’s on fire!

In partnership with the folks who brought you:

The Tiny Tot Underwater Car.. Hammer Gun.. and.. Dam Sled – any dam will do!

From the makers of Volty, the electric tub duck.

And the Neck Tornado! In stores this Christmas.

Voiceover: Grelco! We make toys!

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Author: Don Roy King

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