SNL Transcripts: Kevin Spacey: 01/11/97

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January 11th, 1997

Kevin Spacey


John Cleese

Michael Palin

Back, “Devil’s Haircut”

  • SNL’s Sketch Ratings System

    Senile “Monty Python” members Michael Palin & John Cleese explain ratings system.

  • Kevin Spacey’s Monologue

    As Spacey sings, scroll reveals he’s a psycho in real life as well.

  • Late Show with David Letterman

    William Hurt (Spacey) endures interview with distractful Letterman (Norm MacDonald).

    Recurring Characters: David Letterman, Paul Shaffer.

  • Prescriptions

    How easy it is to get a medical prescription for marijuana.

  • Star Wars 20th Anniversary Re-Release I

    Christopher Walken (Spacey) and other unsuccessful “Star Wars” auditions.

    Recurring Characters: Christopher Walken.

  • Janet Reno’s Dance Party

    Janet Reno (Will Ferrell) shares a dance with Donna Shelala (Spacey) in basement.

    Recurring Characters: Janet Reno, President Bill Clinton.

  • Star Wars 20th Anniversary Re-Release II

    More awkward “Star Wars” auditions.

    Recurring Characters: Burt Reynolds, Barbara Streisand.

  • Beck performs “Where It’s At”

    Also Performed: 98j, 99g, 02l, 04q, 06d.
  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    Courtney Love (Molly Shannon) shares her acting secrets for Larry Flynt movie.

    Recurring Characters: Courtney Love.

  • Mr. Peepers

    Missing link Mr. Peepers (Chris Kattan) makes lab worker (Will Ferrell) uncomfortable.

    Recurring Characters: Mr. Peepers.

  • TV Funhouse

    The X-Presidents save the day.

  • The Joe Pesci Show

    Al Pacino (Spacey) co-hosts the show with Joe Pesci (Jim Breuer).

    Recurring Characters: Joe Pesci.

  • Dead Parrot Sketch

    John Cleese & Michael Palin are forced to recreate the classic Monty Python sketch.

  • Beck performs “Devil’s Haircut”

  • Mrs. Attebury

    Mrs. Attebury (Ana Gasteyer) bombards alarm installer (Spacey) with tiresome stories.

    Recurring Characters: Mrs. Attebury.

  • Goodnights

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