SNL: David Alan Grier: 01/18/97


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January 18th, 1997

David Alan Grier

Snoop Doggy Dogg


  • Genitalia Line-Up

    Paula Jones (Cheri Oteri) picks out President Clinton’s (Darrell Hammond) genitalia.

    Recurring Characters: President Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, Ted Kennedy.

  • David Alan Grier’s Monologue

    Grier sings “Let’s Get Butt-Naked In The White House”.

  • Death Row Bloopers & Practical Jokes

    The wacky genre is carried over to federal prison venue.

  • 20/20

    Barbara Walters (Cheri Oteri) offends Snoop Doggy Dogg during interview.

    Recurring Characters: Barbara Walters.

  • Waiting To Exhale

    Guys (Grier, Tim Meadows, Tracy Morgan) share tears watching “Waiting To Exhale”.

  • Both Sides with Jesse Jackson

    Kincaid (Ana Gasteyer) is little help during discussion on Ebonics.

    Recurring Characters: Jesse Jackson, Kincaid.

  • The Rocky Roads

    Rocky Roads (Grier, Will Ferrell, Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer) return for assembly.

    Recurring Characters: The Rocky Roads.

  • Maya Angelou Endorses Butterfingers

    Maya Angelou (Grier) is poetic in her love for Butterfingers.

  • Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

    Colin Quinn refuses to apologize to Michael Irvin.

  • Snoop Doggy Dog performs “Snoop’s Upside Ya Head”

  • Ex-Porn Stars Don Wong & Reggie Owens

    Wong (Jim Breuer) & Owens (Tracy Morgan) try to adapt as fast food workers.

    Recurring Characters: Don Wong, Reggie Owens.

  • Maya Angelou Endorses Froot Loops!

    Poetic Angelou (Grier) praises the wonders of Froot Loops!

  • Shopping At Home Network

    Don (Will Ferrell) & Eddie (Chris Kattan) would rather die than sell product cheaply.

    Recurring Characters: Don, Eddie.

  • TV Funhouse

    Live-action footage of a dog’s daily routine.

  • Snoop Doggy Dog performs “Vapors”

  • Bill Gates

    Recurring Characters: Bill Gates.

  • Maya Angelou Endorses Pennzoil

    More product praise from poet Angelou (Grier).

  • Monster Trucks

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