Maya Angelou Endorses Froot Loops

Maya Angelou Endorses Froot Loops

Maya Angelou…..David Alan Grier

Announcer: And now, Maya Angelou… for “Froot Loops”.

Maya Angelou: Toucan Sam, you leap on the back of the wind, load stone to assorted fruit flavors, Phoenix of the dawns, one smile. We gave you, Toucan Sam, life. You, Toucan Sam, give us loops of fruit. Fruity loops, Fruit Loopies, swimming in the churning, frothy mother sea of milk, Kellogg’s appreciates consumer comments, P. O. Box 221, Battle Creek, Michigan, a prism of fruity color, a cornocopia of over forty fruity tastes. The orange, the apple, the grape, the pomegrante, the quince, the kumkwat, the kiwi, the planitain, the guava…

Announcer: This has been Maya Angelou… for “Froot Loops”.

Thanks to Tony Dumont for this transcript!

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