Maya Angelou Endorses Pennzoil

Maya Angelou Endorses Pennzoil

Maya Angelou…..David Alan Grier

Announcer: And now, Maya Angelou… for Pennzoil motor oil.

[The poet stands in front of Pennzoil logo, holding the product.]

Maya Angelou:
The Pharaoh, the serpentine Nile,
Grecian grottoes marked by eons passing,
The choice of champions.
Rick Mears, four-time Indy winner
O! Magic shining ewer of liquid ball bearings
Battling armies of viscosity and thermalbreakdown.
Pennzoil! Change oil!
Every five thousand miles.
Keep out of reach of children.
Pennzoil is a registered trademark!

Announcer: This has been Maya Angelou for Pennzoil motor oil.

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